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Sickrate & SIIK Essentials II - Sample Pack

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This pack contains all high quality samples a producer needs to create the next banger. After the great feedback we got from our previous version we made this one even bigger and even better.

We have been collecting these sounds for the last 9 months and including sounds from our recent productions released on Hexagon, Revealed, Actuation and many more!

What samples does the pack contain?

900+ Samples:

  • 280+ Drums (Kicks, Claps, Snares, Percs, Shakers, Cymbals, Toms)
  • 60 Drum Loops (Top Loops, Drop Drum Loops, Perc Loops, Shaker Loops)
  • 60 Fills (Short Fills, Build Up Fills, Synth Fills, Reese Fills, Vocal Fills)
  • 240+ FX (Ambience, Sweeps, Risers, Impacts, Clocks, Rustles, Scratches, ...)
  • 85+ Synth Loops (Bass Loops, Chord Loops, Melody Loops, Arp Loops)
  • 40+ Stabs (Rave Stabs, String Stabs, Synth Stabs)
  • 150+ Synth One Shots (Bass Shots, Synth Shots, Pluck Shots, Growls, ...)
  • 20 MIDI (Chords, Melodies, Rhythm)

This pack is the perfect choice for you for this price. If you get it, you wont regret it.