SLCTD Collections. is a collection of over 650 total sounds perfectly suited to create your next deep house track.

The sounds in the pack are heavily inspired by the german label Selected. So if you are looking for sounds similar to their style, you are in the right place.

All demos were made just with samples and presets included in SLCTD Collections. Construction kits are made from these demos.

Demo Track 01

Demo Track 02

Demo Track 03

Demo Track 04

Demo Track 05

Demo Track 06



With over 500 high quality samples in the style of mostly deep house, this pack is more than enough to fulfill your needs for a while.

If you struggle to find good sounds in this style, then this pack is the right choice for you to expand your collections of samples.

What is included? 

  • 170 Drums (claps, cymbals, kicks, percussions, shakers, snaps, snares)
  • 70 Drum Loops (top loops, percussion loops)
  • 55 FX (atmospheres, noise impacts, noises, transitions)
  • 135 Synths (including bass shots, melody loops, synth shots, reversed delays and more)
  • 6 Construction Kits (made from the demo tracks)


SLCTD Melody Loop 38

SLCTD Melody Loop 20

SLCTD Kick 01

SLCTD Atmosphere 18

SLCTD Atmosphere 10

SLCTD Fill 03

SLCTD Crash 03

SLCTD Percussion Loop 08

SLCTD Reversed Delay 04

SLCTD Rhythm Pluck 07

SLCTD Shaker 30

SLCTD Synth Shot 02

SLCTD Synth Shot 03

SLCTD Top Loop 27

SLCTD Synth Shot 24

SLCTD Transition 03

SLCTD Top Loop 11

SLCTD Bass One Shot 20



With 135 high-quality presets you will not need any new preset pack for creating deep house for a while. 

It includes sounds inspired by the sound of analog synthesizers and also new, fresh sounds that are really relevant these days.

What is included?

  • 40 basses
  • 26 plucks
  • 23 leads
  • 14 drums
  • 10 chords
  • 10 synths
  • 3 FX
  • 3 Arps

LD Swing

LD Sawy

CH Orga

LD Pure + BS Falling

LD Melodrama

LD Atmophat + BS Reez

CH Chill Pills

LD Plastic

LD Soft Softer

PL Sick + BS Vital

LD Jewelery + BS Ace

SY Dreaming

PL Plastic + BS Kobi

CH Outside 1AM

DRUMS (Various Sounds)

ARP Fading Lights

BS Mean To Me

FX Mosquito


SLCTD collections. - Full Pack


SLCTD collections. - Preset Pack


SLCTD collections. - Sample Pack



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