SICKRATE & SIIK Essentials


Sickrate & SIIK Essentials is a crazy big sample and preset pack for every producer from beginners to professionals. It is a tool that can be used in a variety of genres from Future House to Bass House. You can expect sounds used in tracks, that were supported by Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Don Diablo and many more. ​

Demo Track 01

Demo Track 02

All demos were made just with samples and presets included in Sickrate & SIIK Essentials.


Demo Track 03

Demo Track 04


SSE Disco Stab 3 - D#

SSE Disco Stab 3 - D#

SSE Bass Melody Loop 5

SSE Clap 7

SSE Bass Shot 19 - F#

SSE Chord Loop 1

SSE Drop Drum Loop 5

SSE Bass Shot 45 - D

SSE Guitar Loop 8

SSE Drop Drum Loop 10

SSE Bass Shot 50 - C#

SSE Reese Fill 5 - F

SSE Drum Loop 13

SSE Pluck Oneshot 6 - C

SSE Tremolo Ambience 5



We created the ultimate preset pack for YOU! With a large number of unique presets including:

  • 45 Basses 

  • 20+ Chords 

  • 25 Leads 

  • 15 Plucks 

  • 8 Synths

  • 5 Keys

  • 3 FXs

Serum v1.301+


BS Classic Wub

BS Samurai

LD Broken Door

BS Dark Reese

BS Talky Acid

LD Flowers

BS Deep To Tube

CH Cream

LD Futuro

BS Don't Need U

CH Retro

LD Magnificent

BS Rolling

KEY Broken Organ

LD Take My Mind


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After the order the pack is going to download immediately.